Monday, November 3, 2014

An important message from E_Asha about dark flowering in relation to light body activations


   Thanks (to various individuals...) for sharing this info. BIG ISSUE hidden within certain comments from Tams' recent emails....   She is actively recommending that new people or people "behind in techniques" go to the Flame Body Techniques first. NOT GREAT AT ALL!   

The Flame Body techs ARE FINE IN GENERAL....they will do what they have always done...which is to sequentially expedite and amplify activation of the Light Body and corresponding DNA Template. What is NOT great, (and which now demands immediate response from the AL-Hum-Bhra Councils of the KRHost), is that, (under the current circumstance of the green & violet rings of the Solomon Shield running Reversed-Violet-Plasma of the FAtaLE since 8/8/11), if the Flame Body techs are used now by people who have not  yet/previously activated these light-body structures ,  WITHOUT FIRST MAKING THE "1st PLASMA-BODY KRHOST LINKS (techs since FOL-12 & forward), the Flame Body techs will indiscriminately "expedite and amplify activation" of the Light Body and corresponding DNA Template....  

 ......MEANING that if a person is inadvertently running even small % of metatronic Reversed-Violet frequency (which MOST people ARE doing at this time, esp. those with "Violet or Green Shield" DNA-Template coding), the "Flame Body" techs "used alone" will serve to "expedite and amplify" the Reversed-Violet, as well as any Kryst Coding the person carries.

    For people with "weaker K-factors", this can be a genetic ascension-disaster , as "expedition and amplification" of their existing reversed DNA-template coding will exponentially increase their vulnerability to FAtaLE "affliction". The AMCC-MCEO Beloveds have just made me aware of this danger now, as we read through "certain emails" TH is putting out to people, in which she is encouraging use of the Flame Body techs with no mention of the importance of first using the Plasma-Run techs (FOL-12 forward). . Beloveds mentioned that from their observations, this "innocent oversight" in offering FULL guidance regarding techniques is not an accident.  It is a way, contrived by FAtaLE, to misuse portions of our MCEO teachings in a way that facilitates the "Growing of the Dark-Flower Garden". 

    The fastest and easiest way that the Beloveds can "remedy this situation" before "damage is done", is to make the most powerful AMCC-MCEO KRHost Plasma-running Tech. to date, (the "LONG-RUN" JOURNEY to the ARI-ARhAYas  AL-Uma-Un-Core of the Krystar Seed Atom, from the 8/11/12 workshop-runs almost 1 hour), available for free audio download on our AMCC e-group, so this tech. (and the protection it offers) can "get out there fast" for those who need it NOW.  If all goes well, we will have this free-download audio-file posted on our AL-Hum-Bhra e-group sometime this evening (8/23/12). If people "run this journey even just once", it will initiate activation of the "K+8-Factor" (explained in the 8/12 workshop) of the KRHost "1st Core Plasma" ("Sun-8 Union Flows" ), which will fully prevent any further "Dark-Flowering" of the personal Light Body and corresponding DNA-Template.

   If the "Flame Body" techs are THEN used, following use of the very new (8/20-21/12) "ARI-ARhAyas AL-Uma-Un Journey" tech, the Flame Body techs will "faithfully do what they always did"...."expedite and amplify  Light Body/DNA Template activation", BUT the Flame Body techs will serve to "expedite and amplify" the KRYST Frequencies of the Cosminyahas Core 1st Plasmas/Sun-8-Union-Flows, NOT the "reversed-violet-ray" metatronic plasmas. 

(note: Beloveds say that the shorter "Crystal Activation" techniques presented at the 8/12-workshop after/following this first "long-run journey" will be available on the 8/12-DVD's to further amplify the KRHost-Sun-8-Union Flows anchored via the "ARI-ARhAyas AL-Uma-Un" long-run journey technique)
  So, I'm writing this to just "keep everyone posted" regarding clarity, transparency and accurate use of MCEO techniques. The Beloveds recommend everyone using any MCEO techniques to first use this new "8/20-21/12 ARI-ARhAyas AL-Uma-Un Journey Technique" at least ONCE , before engaging any new techniques, or before continuing practice of any older techniques you may be using. This will "upgrade and bring out the Eternally Krystic Best" in any and all MCEO & AMCC-MCEO techniques.  

   Hope this clarification is helpful, and that everyone enjoys the experience of this very beautiful new AMCC-MCEO KRHost Journey Technique. Beloveds say there are many new and exciting journeys and techniques to come as they progressively release the sacred knowledge contained within The Tan-Tri-Ahura Teachings-The Path of Bio-Spiritual Artistry(TM) and the AL-Hum-Bhra Crystal Disc/ Halls of Cosminyahas records. 

Cos-Min-Yahas AL-Hum-Bhrus!

E'Asha Ashayana Aneayhea Kananda Melchizedek

AMCC-MCEO Speaker-1

journey they mention:


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