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Bashar Greys Show

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BeaST/Poison Apple

i przy okazji cos na temat Bashara.. na temat ktorego juz sie wypowiedzialam wczesniej.. a mianowicie, ze poki co jest najlepszym reprezentantem Greys on Earth.. really super showman!

and here short info from biblioteca pleyades

Want a real challenge?

Consider Reptilian Draconians eating human children and maintaining a 4 billion year history of tyrannical behavior, and attempt to attain a state of non-judgment while at the same time focusing on a reality YOU prefer to exist

YOU may move to a parallel line of existence where these guys do not exist… they won’t be shifting their perspective, so YOU are the one who must do so.

„Anything that you share with someone else, any common similar experience, is because you have agreed to create your own version of it in your reality.”

i wszystko staje sie jasne.. dlaczego pewne osoby tak bardzo kochaja Bashara….



The Essassani paradigm of perceiving reality was introduced to the planetary population through the medium of Daryl Anka, who channeled a group consciousness represented by an entity known as Bashar.

Apparently there are five people on the planet who have the capability to resonant with the Essassani frequency and gain information. Bashar has also come once through an individual on the East coast of the United States, although that individual usually gains information and data through another representative of the Essassani.

The Essassani maintain that they exist on a different frequency of reality which is coincident with a parallel reality 700 years in the future, and that they are physiologically a hybrid race which is a genetic combination of the human and the Orion Grays, otherwise called the Dow.


The Race of Greys Called the DOW

he Dow are a small group of Greys that are responsible for many abduction/detentions.

They have very little emotional development, but do possess very strong telepathic powers. These powers are often used to deceive and conceal their true motives and objectives. Their race is struggling to assure their own self-preservation but, as of yet, they have not met with any true success. Unable to attach a soul to their own hybrid bodies, they must strip off energy layers of abductee’s soul bodies.

This energy is then „fed” to infant hybrids in attempts to sustain their life. This same technology is also used to disembody, capture, and contain a soul for future use. They are clearly regressive in nature.

The Dow have their heritage in the system of Zeta Reticuli, with their original place of origin being the star called M-2, in Zeta Reticuli II. Their home sun had burned out and their planet destroyed many thousands of years ago...





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