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Not In Kansas Anymore

16 maart 2015

Znalazlam dzisiaj taki obrazek

choc w sumie najpierw w oko wpadl mi tytul

Not In Kansas Anymore

 i przypomnialam sobie, ze jakis czas szukajac informacji dotyczacych tzw. Watchers (OBSERWATORZY) trafilam na tekst o niemal identycznym tytule:

Toto, We’re Not in Kansas Anymore!

by Anna Hayes
the Watchers interact with us directly, they frequently appear wearing white, purple, silver, or gold hooded robes.
Many look like „perfect” human beings, tall with human features, and some resemble human-ET combinations. Most have a whitish or pale-gray complexion, are 5.5 to 9 feet tall, and look like very old humans.
Long ago, when our race was seeded here, the Watchers accepted the responsibility of keeping our planet’s energies in balance until we matured enough to take over this role.
They have guarded and guided us, individually and en-masse, and they are presently assisting Guardian agendas that will assure our survival. We have reached a level of evolutionary maturity that enables us to take over the role held by the Watchers, and they are presently teaching us to do this effectively. Though there are many others who watch us, the true Watchers have been our species custodians since the beginning. We are part of their genetic progeny.
The Watchers oversee another large Guardian collective known as the Place Holders. They are advanced souls from higher dimensions who agree to incarnate in ET and human form in the third dimension at set intervals in linear time. They carry very high-vibrating genetic codes that are keyed to frequencies of the fifth-dimensional energetic blueprint for Earth.
The Place Holders ensure that the vibration of the Earth’s grid remains high enough to keep the planet moving forward in its evolutionary progression through the time cycles of the third dimension.
The Watchers are responsible for orchestrating the continuing incarnational cycles of the Place Holders. Until recently the Place Holders were mostly ET, so our planet’s intrinsic mechanics have been controlled and directed by spiritually advanced ET groups, including a high concentration of Sirians.
Recently the Watchers and the Galactic Council have turned over the role of Place Holder to the human species, and we are now being subconsciously trained to serve as Place Holders while we remain on Earth.
The Watchers tend to work via direct encounter with those humans who have soul agreements to become Place Holders.
In our current ET drama, we have observers, visitors, Guardians, Watchers, Place Holders, and intruders.
The classification is determined by who they are, where they come from, and why they are here, but one cannot determine through outward appearances how any specific individual ET should be classified.
Ci, ktorzy znaja moj blog wiedza, ze wspominalam o owych Obserwatorach wiele razy, o tym ze widywalam ich od najwczesniejszego dziecinstwa, obserwujacych mnie tak jakby zza zaslony.. ale teraz zastanawiam sie jak polaczyc ten watek – Not Kansas anymore! nie tylko z Watchers, ale i z roznicami pomiedzy moimi doswiadczeniami z Emerald Guardian a Project Monarch i tu poki co odsylam do – The Wizard of Oz and Monarch Slave Programming).. Pamietam tylko tyle, ze te istoty byly wyzsze, tak jakby podluzne, albo odziane w wysokie nakrycie glowy i tu duze podobienstwo z 4 wysokimi kaplanami ze stu o STUDNI…

Watcher (angel)

Na polskiej Wikipedii znalazlam owych Watchers pod nazwa Grigori:
(zwani też „obserwatorami” z greckiego ἐγρήγοροι „egrḗgoroi„, zaś w tradycji hebrajskiejirim) – według apokryficznych Ksiąg Henocha, a także Księgi Jubileuszów upadli aniołowie. Jako aniołowie zostali zesłani na ziemię przez Pana, by opiekowali się ludźmi. Ostatecznie zawiedli oni jednak zaufanie Stwórcy, płodząc potomstwo z ludzkimi kobietam..
GRIGORI to j. greckim to takze STRAZNICY
tu lista tzw upadlych aniolow
a wsrod miedzy innymi SemjaseLucyfer Samael
ale szczerze mowiac no nie wiem, cod mi w tym nie gra..
cdn w komentach pod notka

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