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Stellar Cycle Activations and Arc of the Covenant

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My Arc of the Covenant

jako kontynuacja Viva Ascension 2017 (part 1 and 2)

Stellar Cycle Activations and Arc of the Covenant

Certain groups of Maji Grail Line descent „Indigo” races of various regions of Earth were entrusted by the Eieyani to carry pieces of the Arc/Ark knowledge, in order to preserve this wisdom for the time when it would likely be needed during the 2000-2017 AD SAC.

more about arc of the covenant


The Emerald Order Oraphim, who are now incarnating in flesh as the Indigo Children, were the original authors of the Cloister Dora-Teura texts.

Many people are beginning to awaken to their memories of incarnations in other space-time locations, and this is because human DNA is presently beginning to activate higher due to the Solar Light spectra changes of the 2000-2017 Stellar Activations Cycle. People with the least amount of Anunnaki or reptilian distortion in the DNA will regain more memory faster.

Holy Grail

The „Holy Grail” is a term used in reference to the 12 Universal Signet Star Gates of the Universal Templar Complex, to which the Angelic Human Race holds the Sacred Commission of „Guardian.”

During the 25,500 BC Lucifer Rebellion, Anunnaki Luciferians gained partial control over Earth’s Templar through a device called the Nibiruian Diodic Crystal (NDC) Grid, which is still in operation today and serves a key role in the potential outcome of the 2000-2017 SAC.

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 o tym dlaczego ta data dla mnie jest wazna (nawet jesli wolalabym aby nie bylo dat, ale Time Space Matrix ta dam)  pisalam juz niejeden raz przy roznych okazjach, a wiec teraz tylko w skrocie – pojawila sie w mojej trakcie cudownej wizji zwiazanej z crystal garden… a z wizja ta wiaze sie takze emerald dome.. a ze bardzo podobna mi sie taka wizja przyszlosci to lets go

flow.. flow..

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