Friday, November 13, 2015

Simon Parkes, Anu Dimensions Contact, 1 november 2015 (Gdynia Quest)

Wlasnie padla ciekawa odpowiedz Simona na moje pytanie dotyczace Prakomputerow Matki Ziemi z Gdyni i Chrisa Thomasa.. dzieki Simon, dzieki JP, dzieki Ra.. pozniej zrobie skrypt i zamieszcze
Wywiad mozna odsluchac w j.angielskim.. moje pytanie pada okolo 58:50 i brzmi;

do you know maybe something about pra computers of mother earth (akashic records) from gdynia (north poland)?

chris thomas spoke about

(transcript by ra)
Simon Parkes:
Right i got a lot a respect for Chris Thomas. I know Chris Thomas.. doesn’t agree with my take on the Mantis, but you know what is, the world is big enough for people to agree on 90% and dissagree on 10% and we’re not gonna fall out on it.
Chris Thomas is a very good man, and has been attacked because of his sayings and i always judged the more you attacked, then the more right one you must be.

I am aware of crystalline material that can connect with the akashic records..

the problem that i have is that with when you use a middle man or an interface, between devine source or akashic records, there is the more you have of this the more likely it is to be hacked or altered.
I would say theres some very intresting parts of the world certainly that we call Eastern Europe: Romania, Hungaria, Checho-Slovakia these countries have some very interesting underground bases. Where i don’t know if they still there, where devices that allowed the operator to access certain histories recoded and im always very very cautiaus to use any machine to read any past history.
So i am familiar with it.
I can’t give the questioner to the answer to her, a her i think a woman because he say its his girlfriend, because there are some people or groups or sect of society that have set them selfs up to access or read this information and i havent met any a these people yet.
Nothing with these people, so i cant comment, cause im aware of them, and i don’t know what their agenda is..
but, so i could just say to her.. yes she is on the right road, right track and i am aware of it but i donoo as much as perhaps i should.
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gdzie wspominalam o tej kwestii i tu przytocze tylko fragment wypowiedzi Simona z sierpniowej audycji w Wolf Spirit Radio
Awantura o gdynskie piramidy.. studnia i splatanie rozerwanych nici Tary.. wielkie przypominanie
choc notek zwiazanych z tym tematem jest duzo wiecej
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