Emerald Guardians

My meeting with Emerald Guardian (in february 2009) i described in post:

but in really this experience has been preceded by many many others, which were like steps on my road to this extraordinary emerald meeting.. and emerald guardian awakening.. i wrote about it more in post:

and other posts with tag 


now.. i need put this all in good way… like puzzle in complet.. just.. the firstly.. when i met EG i don’t knew nothing about that really exist Emerald Guardian and whats more.. even whole specific Emerald Groups…

so.. when i discovered this fact i was very very deep touched.. and more.. in true shock… i just was in need to know… what is hidden underwater… even deeper.. underwater ground…. place which on beginning i saw in dream… and next… explored in non physical travelers time… but discovered only… alien base on base… greys… and info be stop.. infiltrate this area.. top secret.. so i changed my ways.. and expressed special intention.. be see this place in original state.. on beginning.. under under.. this all alien bases overlays…

and in this way… one day…

this whole emerald story became even more amazing when one day contacted with me Ra.. 

Emerald Guardian

my emerald twin flame

and.. in his face I recognized Emerald Guardian and also guy from dream with emerald shoes.. which i dreamed few days before meeting with Emerald in underwater ground dome…. Ra found me few years later… in 2012/2013 and said me that i not only discovered Emerald Guardian, but that i am also Emerald…

i wrote about this in comments

also.. in amazing way.. connected with emerald guardian story... my experiences with my dear pharaoh stone...

and now.. despite many adversities... we are together...


Ra Ka Isha & LiRa SHA


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